I resisted the change until the change,

Taught me how to change,

Little I knew then, all around will change !!



Puzzled Relations

So strange, in all forms to be peculiar,
Runs down with happiness, each bite so sweeter,
Bonds passion with love, as we grow older,
Slightest of doubt, instigates the stress,
Fight is what it leaves, for us to anticipate,
Flinching the unfair, inner desire to hate,
Moment we lose to win, the regrets for life,
Memories turns resonant, ceasing to fade,
Relationships never conclude !


Dear Future

Dear Future,
How i wish, you feed my brilliant ideas into an AI machine & it does all to give me the product i want.

By when ?

Sincerely WE,
Hope & ME !


Every Reason be you !!

Pride to my heart, that’s what u are to me,
Decorated, u came wrapped in bundles of love,
Prayers, attentively answered while stars glimmered,
U brought me out, in the sun for every swear,
Every Birthday you grow, lyrical song unsung,
Moment, u beckon with gestures and Moo thing,
From running games, to gags & sighting,
U bring in the transition,time so relieving,
No word explains, more than your action,
You are my fun, my world, my lyrics and
My every Reason be you !!



They run, they walk, they smile, they laugh,
More the merrier,less may not be enough,
In drops to flow, with no way to cease,
Whether you chop, the onions so pungent,
Adding to taste, of dish so delicious,
Or celebrate, the win you won,
Each compliment & hugs, wading through eyes,
For each sorrow to cry, there it comes undone,
Un-invited, to control emotions of heart,
Tears makes us strong, Tears keeps us going !!
CRY thy CRY !!


Loyal Comrades

Wearing shirt blue & levi’s jeans all along,
H&M brown boots, runs me all day long,
Paving the roads, full of ups & downs,
Ain’t any reason, for me to frown,
Thoughts & lessons, enough to push my walk,
No expectations, from whom i refer as own,
Confidence, enough to win another life,
Nothing to lose, i live the air to breathe,
My journey alone, while no one i believe,
Except, Shirt, Boots & Jeans,
My Loyal Comrades !!


Black & Black

The first breath, all visible was Black,
U grow with me to dazzling Red,
Others, find me pinky Pink,
Each puzzle, turns to Purple,
Clouds ,float above all in Blue,
Sky, turns to Orange from Yellow,
Days, when i bring in shades of Grey,
Pouring rain drops, with no color you say,
Each day, surrenders to stars so Green,
With every color i bring in a message,
Still i end, with you to turn so Black !!
Since beginning until now with no escape, 
From, alluring Colors of Life !!


Your Shooting Star!

Promises I make, are never meant to be fake,
Proves color of my blood, for all that sake,
If I ever paused, never go sad or blame,
Trust, from every fall I’ll rise,
No matter, how deep i carry the scar,
Ever if I forget to show up, look up to sky,
Sealing death so content, I will shine upon you,
Not born perfect yet, I died best of my death,
Ain’t i surrendered still, behold me dive again,
Shoot your wish, be it my promises you recall,
Remember, even the brightest of Stars fall,
SHOOTING STAR for you to call !!



Reflections of past & future,then until now,
Keeping me warm, leaving me numb,
Sip of beer, stimulates the blaze so sheer,
These unfold like veil to enfold,
From head to toe, left through right,
Impairing, every feeling i fight,
Out of control, fading in to fade out,
Drowning me with thoughts of paradise,
Wait for you will never die, while you come,
As arresting you are, as grim you were,
Memoria !!


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