About Ashish

Sweetest Hello to you & sincere thanks for dropping by !!

It’s because of your clicks/likes/visits/comments that motivates me to blog my wondering thoughts.

Well, I go by name Ashish (means “Blessings as per Indian names”/while French also refer me as “Hashish” as the word goes, not bad !) & a hardcore engineer by profession (though I still dream to be a fighter pilot).

Continuous thinking day & night (thoughts are my companion & they keep me pushing) is what I crave for, while I shape these wonderful/painful thoughts instead of abandoning & that’s how started to post them on this blog. Though i keep doing 13 million things at a time, no reason why !!

Very much connected to my past + present (past motivates me while present keeps me alive), for future no one has seen as the way I feel.

By interests, I enjoy sports, being outspoken (try not being one, jackals will rape you, here’s my piece of advice to all), music always in my pocket, family, networking with you all (no specific choice I mean), dogs (golden retriever I would die for) & horses (they are tough & always loyal) to keep me going.

This, to keep in short, hope you all enjoy my writings & help me do better than yesterday (best is yet to come) !!



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