Time and again it robs my silence,
Whimsical, i miss it round the clock,
With each breath,I breathe them in,
Hard & flinty, for me to define,
My recalls to bring it back for me,
No distance can travel me through,
The less I think, the more i crave,
Look how far I came to get one,
Once and only to repeat it twice,
And all nonviable I would do,
Once for you to repeat it twice,



7 Minute Sequel

Final moments i live, while i lied still,
No emotion, no feelings to admire the kill,
For a second, i thought to get up again,
As i had few promises to keep,
But i prefer to rest & let the flashback run,
My first walk to last step turning disdain,
Hate & blessings even the money all in vain ,
I can’t hold those hands or anything but pyre,
Thinking me of you, before i leave this sphere,
Last 7 minutes & Nothing else matters !!



My bold mission envision those boundless frontier,
Journey so perilous, i need to walk through,
Ample to cover, while i plan all new,
Lessons from past, imminent to my rescue,
Zealously i drive, highway fraught with danger,
Fear i confront & in my veins they linger,
To augment my belief all Jaded,
I peruse your stories to help me inspire,
Here i go to follow my pursuit,
Journey to YOU !!



Success is that creates my vision,
However or whatever it takes to get that done,
Each day i fight the hours all long,
Relinquishing the worldly desires so prone,
All i am left with sweat & the taste too sweet,
Someone righteous says success is not to be dreamt,
And dreams won’t work until we toil with diligent,
Success never strikes, it accumulates !!


The Look

The look of you, way you looked at me,
Inveigling my thoughts to them,
The captive look, held me freeze,
Killing me softly,still I breathe,
Driving me insane,how hard I try,
That moment of hysteria, the reason,
No reason why,
The desire too intense, to see them back,
Basis of my endless wait,
To get that look so pristine !!



Mistake is all that mattered,
One mistake which i carry around,
Wondering with my soul for life,
Remains unforgiven, i wasn’t so wise,
No way, my attempt was deliberate,
Been so ravish the time i made,
For i never knew, will bring me luck,
The luck, am not allowed to share,
Shhh..quietly i guard her safe,
My Mysterious Mistake !!



This Love, That Love,
World full of flavors so many,
You call it honey, I call it bunny,
Bonded sounds honey bunny,
Mommy cries aww so cute,
Kids titter peek-a-boo,
Daddy whispers, hello sweetie,
Dove sings the chorus of coo,
Horses shows with its whinny,
Rain drops keep it pitter-patter,
Winds rustle by the trees,
Let’s keep this fondness all going,
For want of This Love,That Love !!



The more I try, the more I fail,
With every failure, came my route to sail,
The more I sailed, the more I learned,
With every learning, I explored the shore,
The more I explore, the more I know,
With every lesson, I started to share,
The more I shared, the more I create,
With every creation, I achieved the wisdom,
As many wise men say,
There’s no shortcut for us to Survive !!



I am different, yes I am not the same,
None to blame, but it’s part of game,
Game of life, I never learned to play,
Each Ignorance, held me down to grave,
Their Pampering, left me addicted to few,
Now all I am rebel to emotions so dead,
Often it’s love and hate collide as said,
I wasn’t born Different !!


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